How to get .edu links

When it comes to linkbuilding I normally get anoyed pretty fast. Linkbuilding is one oft he most difficult practices of SEO. It is all about finding good websites and of course convincing the webmasterst to link to your website. This is very frustrating because webmasters don´t linke to your website just like that. You have tob e more creative. In this article you will learn how to get the most valuable type of links, .edu links. Edu Links means that the link comes from a…Continue Reading “How to get .edu links”

inactive WordPress Plugins

Have you ever noticed how many Plugins you have installed in your WordPress Plugin Directory? Did you know that badly coded Plugins can slow down your WordPress Website by a lot? And let me tell you, there are a lot of badly coded WordPress Plugins out there. But what about deactivated Plugins? Do they still slow down your Website? In this article you will learn if deactivated Plugins still slow down your WordPress Blog and what you can do about it. You will learn if…Continue Reading “Do deactivated Plugins slow down WordPress?”

what is wordpress

In this Blog post you will learn the very basics about WordPress. I want to give you important background information about the CMS so you can decide by yourself if you want to use WordPress for your website project. This means this article is dedicated to WordPress beginners with barely no knowledge about WordPress. In case you already work with the CMS you would rather read one of my other posts on the topic of WordPress in my WordPress category. As you already have seen,…Continue Reading “What is WordPress?”

Themeforest WordPress Theme

Themeforest belongs to the australien company Envato. It provides you with loads of HTML templates and especially WordPress themes and plugins. To say it in short words, themeforest is a marketplace where you can buy WordPress themes and plugins, and to be honest themeforest WordPress themes are great. Well actually you can also sell WordPress themes and plugins on themeforest. But in this article I assume you are more interested in buying themes and plugins than offering them. To get a first impression of themeforest…Continue Reading “Themeforest WordPress”


The 5-Day WordPress School, a great new WordPress guide for beginners by Cyrus Jackson. The full title of the book is: The 5-Day WordPress School: How To Become A WordPress Website Designer In 5 Days or Less The E-Book is 88 pages long and was published on February 28th in 2017. It is brand new.  In case you want to build a new website with WordPress and never did it before, I really recommend you the E-Book The 5-Day WordPress School. Before I will talk…Continue Reading “The 5-Day WordPress School”