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WPEngine Plugin for WordPress

WPEngine known as at least one of the world’s leading WordPress digital experience platform announced their new PHP Plugin for WordPress. WPEngine probably is more known for great WordPress Hosting. Their plans start from 29 Dolars per month and include a 60 days money back guarantee. You can get more information on WPEngine itself on their website. When you decide to use WPEngine as your WordPress Hoster you can get a 20% discount exclusively here. Easily click the deal or the banner below and save 20 % of your first payment.

Now that you know WPEngine a bit more, I want to start talking about their PHP Plugin for WordPress. The new Plugin is called PHP 7 Compatibility Checker!

PHP Plugin for WordPress by WPEngine

You can easily download the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker here or directly on the WordPress Plugins page. The WPEngine Plugin is for free and it basically checks whether your WordPress website or Blog is compatible for PHP 7. In case you are new the web development you may never have heard anything before about PHP or PHP7. That’s not a major thing but actually you should at least know what PHP is because your WordPress website runs with PHP. That’s because WordPress itself is made with PHP, so the whole system your website runs with is made with PHP.

What is PHP?

PHP is an open source server side web development language. Approximately 84 % of the internet is based on PHP. This means 84 % of all websites out there in the internet run with PHP. So does yours if you use WordPress.

PHP 7 is the last significant update of PHP since 2004. As on February 2017 only 6,2 % of all WordPress users have updated their website to PHP 7, I suppose you are one of the 93,8 % that still run their WordPress Blog with PHP 5.6, the previous version of PHP).

You now may ask yourself why you need to upgrade to PHP 7. Well let me explain you why you need PHP 7 in a few words.

Why do I need PHP 7?

The question “Why do I need PHP 7?” is pretty easy to answer. The main point is that PHP 7 is almost three times as fast as PHP 5.6. This means your website will be loaded up to three times faster.

The next thing is that PHP 7 reduces drastically the memory consumption.

Why do I need WPEngine PHP 7 Compatibility Checker?

Before upgrading to PHP 7 you should check if your WordPress website is compatible with PHP 7. This means that some Plugins still run with PHP 5.6 and therefore are not compatible with PHP 7. So when you upgrade to PHP 7 with those Plugins you may ruin your website. Therefore WPEngine developed their PHP 7 Compatibility Checker.

The WPEngine PHP 7 Compatibility Checker evaluates all your plugins and tells you which of them might cause problems. So before you upgrade your WordPress website to PHP 7 (which you definitely should do by now) check your website with the WPEngine PHP 7 Compatibility Checker.

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