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WPEngine Plugin for WordPress

WPEngine PHP Plugin for WordPress

WPEngine announced the release of the new PHP plugin for WordPress. The plugin is called PHP 7 Compatibility Checker. In this article you learn these things:

Why Do I Need PHP 7 Compatibility Checker?

WPEngine PHP 7 Compatibility Checker checks all your plugins and themes. WPEngine PHP 7 Compatibility Checker searches for plugins and themes that may cause problems with PHP 7. Thus, before upgrading your WordPress site to PHP 7, run the PHP 7 compatibility checker to avoid problems.

Where May I Download the Plugin?

You may download the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker here or directly on the WordPress plugins page. The WPEngine plugin is for free.

What is PHP?

PHP is an open source server-side web development language. Approximately 84 % of the internet is based on PHP. Thus, 84 % of all websites are made with PHP. And so does your website, when you use WordPress. WordPress is made with PHP. Thus, the whole system of your website runs with PHP.

What is PHP 7?

PHP 7 is the last significant update of PHP since 2004. On February 2017 only 6.2 % of all WordPress users updated their website to PHP 7. I suppose you are one of the 93.8 % that still run their WordPress site with a previous version of PHP.

But why do you need to upgrade to PHP 7? Here is a list of the advantages of PHP 7:

  • PHP 7 is 2-3 times faster than the older PHP version.
  • PHP 7 consumes 30-50% less memory space.
  • PHP 7 can handle 3 times more traffic.

So, check your website with the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker before upgrading to PHP 7.

WPEngine PHP Plugin for WordPress
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