WordPress Login – How to login to WordPress Admin

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How to login to WordPress Admin

How to log in to WordPress Admin?” probably is the first question you ask yourself after installed WordPress on your server or your local machine. Don’t worry, the WordPress login is really not that hard to find. In this short post I will explain you in easy words how you find the WordPress login page so you can access the WordPress admin section.

WordPress login

WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) has its own admin section in which you as a website owner can edit the important stuff of you WordPress Blog. This admin section is on the same server as your website itself. To be sure only you or your colleagues can enter this admin section, WordPress provides you with an admin login.

WordPress login
How to login to WordPress admin

This is how the WordPress login or admin login looks like. As you can see you have to enter a username and a password to get access to the WordPress admin section of your website. So you can be sure that only you or your colleagues have access to your WordPress Blog.

WordPress login URL

So to answer your question “how to login to WordPress admin?” you simply type in the WordPress login URL. Every WordPress website has one admin login URL:

  • your-website.com/wp-login

So if you want to know how to login to WordPress you only have to type in your domain with /wp-login. Actually there are more ways to access the WordPress login URL. You can also just type in one of the following URLs:

  • your-website.com/wp-admin
  • your-website.com/admin
  • your-website.com/login

Each version will lead to the WordPress login section.

As you can see login to WordPress is really easy. The only thing you need is the login URL, your username and the right password. Feel free to contact me for more information on how to login to WordPress admin.

WordPress Login – How to login to WordPress Admin
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