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Themeforest WordPress Theme

Themeforest belongs to the australien company Envato. It provides you with loads of HTML templates and especially WordPress themes and plugins. To say it in short words, themeforest is a marketplace where you can buy WordPress themes and plugins, and to be honest themeforest WordPress themes are great. Well actually you can also sell WordPress themes and plugins on themeforest. But in this article I assume you are more interested in buying themes and plugins than offering them. To get a first impression of themeforest I recommend you to visit their website and search for some stuff you might be interested. You probably will be shocked by their huge offer.

Themeforest WordPress themes

As I said before themeforest is a marketplace where you can buy Premium Plugins for WordPress. The great thing about themeforest WordPress themes is that you do not have to pay a monthly fee. Once you bought the WordPress theme it is totally yours. There will not be any more costs. At least not from themeforest. Another cool thing about themeforest is that they offer WordPress themes from 3$.

Fast WordPress Themes by themeforest
Fast WordPress Themes by themeforest

It is great how cheap they offer their WordPress themes. I would say the average price you have to pay for a good theme on themeforest is about 10$. Imagine other popular WordPress themes cost more than 60$. And on my opinion the WordPress themes offered on themeforest have definitely higher quality than the free ones you can find on the WordPress repository.

themeforest WordPress themes
themeforest WordPress themes

The only thing you have to do is to create an account on themeforest, deposit some money and then you can start shopping. The designs offered on themeforest diversify a lot. Therefore I am sure you will definitely find the perfect theme for your WordPress website. In total they have more than 33.000 WordPress themes as the following image will show you.

themeforest WordPress
themeforest WordPress

As you can see themeforest is the largest community of creatives worldwide for WordPress themes. You can be sure to find a WordPress theme that fills all your needs.

Themeforest tutorials

You might have thought that’s it, themeforest is a marketplace to sell and buy WordPress themes and plugins. Nope, they also offer great tutorials. Basically they have 3 categories in which they post tutorials:

  • Web Design tutorials
  • WordPress tutorials
  • HTML & CSS tutorials

The tutorials are part of the free envato education hub and they actually provide quite good help and information. So in case you need some extra information or you are even a total beginner in one of the three areas I recommend you to take a look at the free tutorials. They might help you a lot and maybe save some time for you.

Themeforest community

Another great point that speaks for themeforest is the huge community. Well actually it is not the themeforest community but the envato community. It does not really make a difference though. The envato community counts with more than 8.000.000 members and the whole envate market offers more than 5.000.000 items for sale. The community includes Blogs, Forums and even Meetups. That’s right, there are envato Meetups all around the globe. Actually the meetups are very frequent. This means you even have the possibility to meet the programmers of the themeforest WordPress theme you bought. This is a great opportunity in case you have some questions about the theme. Even if you can first ask your questions in one of the forums.

Themeforest WordPress
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