Programming HTML5 Applications: Book Review

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How to develop HTML5 Applications

This book review is about Zachary Kessin’s book Programming HTML5 Applications. With its 128 pages this book is kind of small but to be honest, it gives you a very good introduction to the world of “Building Powerful Cross-Platform Environments in JavaScript”. In JavaScript? Yes that’s right, building a HTML5 Application does not mean that you will only use HTML to code the application. Actually it means that you will be using a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Ok, but now let’s get back to the book… Like I said before, the book is kind of a small one. The reason for that is that Zachary Kessin always comes straight to the point. There is nothing to expand the content. Nevertheless he writes everything as detailed as necessary. To be honest I think this book is dedicated to people who already are in touch with HTML. It is not a book for pure beginners.

The content reaches from the basic advantages of JavaScript to indexed Databases and even Web Sockets. If you never heard the word Web Sockets you probably should read other books first to get a first impression of web development (just my recommendation).

Nevertheless here is what you can expect from Programming HTML5 Applications.

You will learn how to implement complete, self-contained HTML5 applications that can run on mobile devices like smartphones. Furthermore you will discover effective HTML5 methods. You will be able to implement applications that can run with offline storage and multithread processing. Zachary Kessin also provides you with some important JavaScript tools that will definitely help you creating HTML5 applications.

To sum it up, Programming HTML5 Applications by Zachary Kessin is a really good help for everybody that already has some experience in developing web applications. You will get to know new methods and tools and you will definitely be able to build better HTML5 applications.

Programming HTML5 Applications: Book Review
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