Fast WordPress Themes

A fast WordPress Theme is so important for you website. Since PageSpeed is a ranking factor for all the mayor Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoos and so on there is no doubt you must have a fast loading website. Otherwise Google and co. will rank your WordPress website worse and people who visit your website are more willingly to bounce early. A fast WordPress Theme therefore is the first and probably one of the most important steps to improve PageSpeed on your website. In…Continue Reading “Fastest WordPress Themes that will upgrade your PageSpeed”

Images and graphics are an important part of every website. They help you to explain things in easy ways. But they are also very huge, at least in most cases, so it takes a lot of time for the client (the browser of the visitor of your website) to download them. This means that it takes longer until your visitors can see your website. The longer it takes to load your website, the less people will wait for it until it got fully loaded. Of…Continue Reading “Image Optimization – optimizing pagespeed”


This is the great XAMPP vs WAMP test. Find out which local server fits your needs best and don´t waste time on trying the wrong one. XAMPP and WAMP are both local Servers you can use to run a development or testing version of your WordPress blog or any other kind of website. The differences of XAMP and WAMP are the following ones: WAMP stands for: Windows (OS), Apache (web-server), MySQL (database), PHP (language) XAMPP stands for: X-OS (any Operating System), Apache (web-server), MySQL (database),…Continue Reading “XAMPP vs WAMP”

AdSense in WordPress Posts

Before I will explain you how to add AdSense to WordPress please take in mind that the officila AdSense WordPress Plugin gets shut down soon! AdSense WordPress Plugin gets shut down in May 2017 The official AdSense Plugin for WordPress gets shut down in May 2017. Therefore you can no longer use the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress to put AdSense ads into your WordPress Blog! AdSense itself recommends the following procedure: make a backup of your WordPress website deactivate the Plugin put AdSense code Spinetts…Continue Reading “How to add AdSense to WordPress”

Joomla vs WordPress

The great Test Joomla vs WordPress will point out all the Pros and Cons of the two Content Management Systems. With the artictle I try to help you choose the right software for your website project. So this Test Joomla vs WordPress might be very interesting for you if you are planing a new wbsite project at the moment. Joomla vs WordPress – hard to compare! Even though it is really hard to compare Joomla vs WordPress I did my best in this article. The…Continue Reading “Joomla vs WordPress”