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Mobile First Index

Google is already testing is Mobile First index. That´s what Johannes Müller told in the Google Office Hours from the 3rd October 2017. This might mean that the roll out of the Mobile First index is getting nearer. But what does this exactly mean for SEOs? How can we prepare for the new index to prevent traffic loss? In this article I will explain you, what is important for SEOs to prevent traffic loss when Google rolls out is Mobile First index.

What do I have to check for the Mobile First index?

As a SEO you basically should check how your website performs on mobile devices. You should consider the following point:

  • Can my Website be used on mobile devices?
  • Is all the important information available on mobile devices?
  • Can Google crawl my mobile Website?
  • Is my content mobile friendly?

So, I recommend you to take a look at your Website and answer those four questions. Now let´s get a bit more in detail with the four points.

Can my website be used on mobile devices?

In general, every website can be used on mobile devices. Nevertheless, you can easily check if you can access your website with your own Smartphone or tablet. Sometimes webmasters disallow user agents to access websites. In this case, users with browsers on mobile devices could not visit your website. But as I said, you can easily check this.

Is all the important information available on mobile devices?

This is a very important issue concerning the mobile first index. Nowadays many webmasters put a smaller version of the content on their mobile sites. That is because screens are smaller and people only want the very necessary information on smartphones and tablets. Now this technique is without problems because Google rates the desktop version of websites. This means the content on your mobile website is not relevant for its position on SERPs. It´s the desktop version that counts.

But with the Mobile first index everything changes. It´s not the desktop version anymore that counts, it´s the mobile version. So when you have a smaller version of your content on the mobile website, this will be the piece that will get rated. This means you must put all the important information on your mobile website.

Can Google crawl my mobile Website?

In some cases, webmasters don´t allow crawlers to access their websites. You can do this by editing your robots.txt. Check your robots.txt if the Googlebots can crawl your website. You can also check this via Google Search Console. Therefore, you could make a mobile sitemap, submit it to Google Search Console and check if Google can index your website.

Is my content mobile friendly?

There is one simple answer to this question. If your website is built with responsive design, then yes. Google recommends using responsive design for mobile website. In case you run a WordPress website, I suppose your website is built with responsive design. Most of the WordPress themes use that technique. Nevertheless, you can check your mobile friendliness with Google´s online tool PageSpeed insights.



Mobile First – What´s important for SEO?
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