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In this tutorial How to install WordPress on XAMPP I will explain you how to install WordPress on XAMPP. XAMPP is a local server that you have to install on your local machine. You can use XAMPP as testing environment for your WordPress installation. It is perfectly to run tests and develop on your WordPress Blog or website.

It is important to test new features on a local installation before running them on your live system. Imagine screwing up your WordPress installation. In the worst case you may not recover the errors. Months of work could be gone and lost forever. Therefore always run a local version of your WordPress website and do all the testing there. This includes installing new plugins or themes. You newer know how well or bad written the code of plugins and themes might be. Try them first locally before screwing up your live system.

Therefore I recommend you my tutorial of How to install WordPress on XAMPP. Read carefully and run your WordPress installation on your local machine. Before I start to explain you how to install WotdPress on XAMPP I want to introduce you to WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was first developed in 2001/2002 as a PHP weblog system. It was and still ist published under the GPL license, which allows anyone who downloaded the code to change it. The very first version of WordPress was published on January 3rd 2004. Three years later in 2007 WordPress won the Open Source CMS Award in the category Best Open Source Social Networking Content Management System. And that is what WordPress basically is, a Content Management System.

WordPress 101

WordPress basically consists out of three parts:

  • the CMS software itself
  • Themes
  • Plugins

This means after you downloaded and installed WordPress on your webspace or local server like XAMPP you have the posibility to modify the basic version of WordPress with Themes and Plugins. In short words, you modify your website in terms of design and functionality. How to install WordPress, which means download the WordPress zip file and put it on your server, will be explained later on.

Themes are a great and easy way to design your website more or less how you want. There are tons of free Themes offerd on the WordPress website. They give you great opportunities to design your website however you like. Eventough you will always have restrictions because Themes are already predesigned. Withoit PHP, HTML and CSS knowledge you rely on them purely.

Plugins bring you extra functionality. There is a Theme for basically everything you need. You only have to search for it. The great thing is that Themes and Plugins both are free. Well there are some of them you have to pay for but the great majority is for free. A great source for Themes by the way is Themeforest. They offer tons of great WordPress Themes for a very good price.

Great WordPress Themes by themeforest
Great WordPress Themes by themeforest

What I did not mention before about WordPress is that it enables you to build your own website without any knowledge of programming. It is perfect for websites like blogs and small projects that have to be set up quick. And not to forget the only costs you will have is the rent of the webspace. WordPress itself is completly free. Furthermore if you like to code you can build Themes and Plugins on your own and even sell them and make some money.

How to install WordPress on XAMPP – What is XAMPP?

Before you ask yourself How to install WordPress on XAMPP? I will explain you what Xampp actually is. It is a free Apache distribution that contains a Web Server, a database, PHP and Perl. So basically everything you need to run WordPress on your local PC. The picture below shows the XAMPP Control Panel. You only have to click on the Start buttons of Apache and MySQL and that´s it. Now you have a running server where you can put your WordPress installation on.

How to install WordPress on XAMPP - xampp control panel
How to install WordPress on XAMPP – Xampp Control Panel with Apache and MySQL already running

Keep in mind, when you run your WordPress installation on XAMPP you can only reach your website via your own PC! So you might think, well when it´s only possible to reach my website from my PC, why should I even install WordPress on XAMPP?

The answer is pretty easy. XAMPP is the perfect environment to develop your website and try out new things without messing up your original version!

How to install WordPress on XAMPP – Install XAMPP

Installing XAMPP is very easy. You have to download it from the Apache website and install it on your device. When you installed it properly you can open the Control Panel by clicking on the file xampp-control.exe (on Windows). You find this file in the root folder of your XAMPP directory. The next thing is to start the Apache Webserver and the MySQL database by clicking on the Start buttons. After that you can type localhost into your browser and the XAMPP starting paging shows up.

How to install WordPress on XAMPP – Install WordPress on XAMPP

How to install WordPress on XAMPP - Xampp Starting Page
How to install WordPress on XAMPP – Click on phpMyAdmin to create a database

The installation of WordPress is a simple as the installation of XAMPP. I suppose you already downloaded the WordPress .zip file from the WP website . Unpack this .zip file to this directory:


Now you need a database. To establish a database on XAMPP you have to go back to its starting page (localhost). On the left sidebar click on phpMyAdmin to get to the database dashboard.

And that´s it. Now you have a database for your WordPress installation.

The next thing you have to do is to customize your wp-config.php file.

How to install WordPress on XAMPP - customize the wp-config file to connect WordPress with the database
How to install WordPress on XAMPP – customize the wp-config file to connect WordPress with the database

Therefore go to line 23 and write the name you gave your database in the second quotes. If you have not changed anything, your username should be root and you password should be empty. That´s OK since your website will only be reachable from your own PC. On line 32 write localhost in the second quotes. That´s it!

You can now start with the normal WordPress installation. Therefore you have to type the address of your installation in your browser. To make this a bit clearer I illustrate it with an example. Supposing you installed WordPress under the following path:


Your website is available under this address:

If everything works fine you should now see the WordPress installation screen.


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How to install WordPress on XAMPP
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