How to install WordPress on Wamp

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Install WordPress on Wamp

In this tutorial I will explain you how to install WordPress on Wamp and furthermore why you could need an installation of WordPress on Wamp. Wamp is also known as WampServer, so I will use both expressions in this article (just in case you get confused). Before I will start with the interesting stuff, I want to make some house advertising. I have also written an article about How to install WordPress on XAMPP. XAMPP is pretty similar to Wamp and it could also be interesting for you to read this article. Just in case you are not sure whether you would like to use XAMPP or Wamp to run your WordPres installation on a local server. Ok, but now let’s begin with the real article!

What is Wamp (WampServer)?

So first of all, what is Wamp? It is a Windows web development environment that contains a Web Server, a database and PHP. The latest versions of course! So WampServer contains everything you need to run WordPress on your local machine. In the following list I summed up all the functionalities Wampserver has:

  • manage your Apache and MySQL services
  • switch online/offline (give access to everyone or only localhost)
  • install and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releases
  • manage your servers settings
  • access your logs
  • access your settings files
  • create alias

Keep in mind, when you run your WordPress installation on Wamp you can only reach your website via your own PC! So you might think, well when it´s only possible to reach my website from my PC, why should I even install WordPress on Wamp?/

The answer is pretty easy. Wamp is the perfect environment to develop your website and try out new things without messing up your original version!

Install Wamp on your Windows PC

Installing Wamp is very easy. You have to download it from the WampServer website and install it on your device. When you installed it properly you can open the Control Panel by clicking on the file wamp-control.exe (on Windows). You find this file in the root folder of your Wamp directory. The next thing is to start the Apache Webserver and the MySQL database by clicking on the Start buttons. After that you can type localhost into your browser and the WAMP starting paging shows up.

Install WordPress on Wamp

The installation of WordPress is a simple as the installation of Wamp. I suppose you already downloaded the WordPress .zip file from the WP website. Unpack this .zip file to this directory:


Now you need a database. To establish a database on WAMP you have to go back to its starting page (localhost). On the left sidebar click on phpMyAdmin to get to the database dashboard.

And that´s it. Now you have a database for your WordPress installation.
The next thing you have to do is to customize your wp-config.php file.

How to install WordPress on Wamp
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