Do deactivated Plugins slow down WordPress?

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Have you ever noticed how many Plugins you have installed in your WordPress Plugin Directory? Did you know that badly coded Plugins can slow down your WordPress Website by a lot? And let me tell you, there are a lot of badly coded WordPress Plugins out there. But what about deactivated Plugins? Do they still slow down your Website?

In this article you will learn if deactivated Plugins still slow down your WordPress Blog and what you can do about it. You will learn if it simply is better to unsinstall Plugins that you do not use.

Deactivated WordPress Plugin – What is that?

A great thing in WordPress is that you can install Plugins to get some extra functionality for your Website. The best of those Plugins is, that you do not Need to code them yourself, you can easily download them from the WordPress Website.

But what when you don´t like the functionality of the Plugin you just installed? The solution is easy, just deactivate the Plugin with one click. That´s it. Your Plugin is inactive and will not work as Long as you do not activate it again.

Now you may ask how to detect wether a Plugin is activated or deactivated? That´s as esy as deactivating a Plugin. Active Plugins are highlighted in blue and inactive Plugins Show a delete link below them. By talking about active Plugins are highlighted I mean in the Plugins Menu of your WordPress Installation.

Do Inactive Plugins slow down WordPress?

Let´s go to the important part of this article. In the paragraph you will learn if deactivated Plugins slow down your WordPress Website.

To say it in short words: No, they do not slow down your WordPress Website.

So once dactivated the Plugin is completly separated from your WordPress Installation. But in the Background there is still the Installation Folder of the Plugin and of course the tables in the database. To keep your WordPress Website clean and clear I really recommend you to delete Plugins that you will not use anymore. If you do not delete unused Plugins you will lose overview at some Point.

Do deactivated Plugins slow down WordPress?
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