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Why I use WordPress for my Blogs

To say it in a few words:

WordPress makes my life as a blogger so much easier, because I do not have to worry about programming.

Basically that´s why I use WordPress for my web projects. I save so much time by not concentrating on any kind of technical implementation of features. I can set the focus of my work to the things that matter the most, the content. But of course this is only an overall impression. In this article I will show you some of the main aspects why I use WordPress and why you may think about using it as well. I will go over the Content Management in WordPress, some security issues, the great potential of plugins and themes and also the cost.

Easy Content Management

WordPress fast first developed as a blogging platform, but through the years it became more and more a fully functional content management system (CMS). The main aspects in this subject are the custom post types that came along with version 3.0 and the fact that any page or post can be edited by administrators via the WordPress dashboard.

The WYSIWYG editor in WordPress makes changes very simple. There is no need to have any experience in HTML or CSS. Design changes can be done in only a few seconds. By the way, there are plugins that even enrich the functionality of the WYSIWIG editor.

Easy User Management

There are many scenarios where you will have more than only 1 person working on a website. Imagine your company runs a corporate blog with many writers, some designers, seos and techies. Not every one of them should have the same rights as the administrator has. Imagine a writer that has barely no idea about the technique behind WordPress has the rights to edit source code. Therefore WordPress has an extensible Roles and Capabilities system that allows you to control what actions are available for certain user groups. Referring to the prior example, the techies would probably be in a user group that is allowed to edit source code whereas the writers would be in a user group that is only allowed to edit and publish posts and pages.

Free WordPress Plugins

By now there are almost 44,000 plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Most of them are free. When you need an extension for your website, it is very likely that there already exists a plugin that does exactly what you are looking for. So the first thing you should do when you are in need of any kind of new feature for your website is looking for a plugin in the directory.

The common features you will be faced to implement are things like browser caching to make your website faster, interfaces to tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console, sitemaps or settings for SEO. And guess what, there already exist plugins for all this stuff. Imagine you had to implement browser caching in your server without any experience in this area.

But that´s not all. In case you have any kind of problem with a plugin, there is always a support section at the plugin´s page in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Not to forget the huge community where you can ask about anything.

Free WordPress Themes

The aspects of free themes are pretty similar to the ones of free plugins. There are so many themes, there is no need to design an own one (unless you want to). You can save a lot of time by simple using a theme from the WordPress Theme Directory. Furthermore most of the themes have many possibilities to adapt the design. So there won´t be problems with other sites that use the same theme. You can design your website the way you like it best.


The fact that WordPress is used by millions of people to run their websites makes it a target for hackers. Well that´s pretty obvious, I mean you have to successfully hack only 1 single WordPress website and then you know how the deal works for many, many others. Ok, but luckily the developers behind WordPress are quick to address vulnerabilities and frequently release updates to fix them.

The fact that WordPress is open source makes it easy to test the CMS for vulnerability for everyone. This more or less leads to millions of people constantly testing and fixing WordPress! To put all this together, WordPress basically is a more secure platform for your website than anything else available!


WordPress is free, MySQL and PHP (that´s what you need to run WordPress) are free as well. So basically the only cost you will have is the hosting, which does not depend on WordPress, you have to pay for hosting in any case. This means e.g. when you want to run a website on localhost, there is no cost at all!

Why I use WordPress
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