How Do I Get Edu Links?

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How to get .edu links

Edu links are the most powerful backlinks. Edu refers to the Top-Level domain “edu”.

We call links from websites with the edu TLD “edu links”. Edu stands for education. Thus, edu websites are websites from universities, schools, and educational organizations. Google rates edu websites very high. So, links from edu sites are valuable. The Problem is that getting an edu link is even more complicated than getting a regular link.

In this article you learn these things:

How Do I Find Edu links?

Edu links are hard to find. The best way to find edu links is using Google search operators. The most helpful operator is the “site” operator. Search for edu links this way:

How to get edu links
  1. Open the Google search.
  2. Note:

    The site operator shows you all the edu sites that are related to the keyword. Chose a keyword that is related to your website.

    Enter „site: .edu ‘keyword’” in the search field.

A SERP with edu sites that are related to your keyword is opened.

  1. Search in the SERP for websites that are related to the same topic as your website.
  2. When you have found a related website, then open the website.
  3. Search for link opportunities on the website.
  4. Note:

    Customize the search operator to make search more efficient.

    Enter the following combinations in the search field of Google:

    • ‘keyword’ ‘blog’
    • ‘keyword’ ‘forum’
    • ‘keyword’ ‘students blog’

    The outcome is more precise. The SERP shows blogs or forums, depending on your search query.

  1. Note:

    Find at least 10 link opportunities.

    Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you have found enough link opportunities.

Why Do I Search for Blogs and Forums?

Search link opportunities in blogs and forums because it is more likely to find potential link partners there. People that post in edu blogs or edu forums are students. And it is more likely that students link your website, than a university itself would do.

How Do I Get Edu Links from Blogs?


Find link opportunities.

Get edu links from blogs this way:

  1. Contact the webmasters of the sites that you have found.
  2. Offer them a benefit:
    • Guest post
    • Link exchange
    • Promotion for the webmaster or his readers
    • Pay for the link
    • Broken link building

More Details about Edu Links from Blogs

A guest post is the easiest way to convince webmasters. The only problem is that it may take much time to write the post. Since the edu blog has a higher pagerank than your website, it is worth to invest the time.

Link exchange means that you link to the edu blog and in addition the edu blog links to your website. The advantages for both sides are very clear, everyone gets a link. Since the edu blog has a higher pagerank than your website, you will be the winner of the exchange. The problem is that Google can detect link exchanges. And Google does rate links from link exchanges lower.

When you have an online shop, or you offer a product or a service, then you can offer the webmaster or his readers a promotion. If you cannot offer a promotion, then try to buy a link.

Another way to get edu links is “broken link building”. So, search for broken links on edu websites. A broken link is a link that points to a website that no longer exists. Therefore, search for broken links that link to websites with similar content as yours. When you have found a broken link, then contact the webmaster of the website. Tell him that you have found a broken link on his website. Since the linked website does no longer exist, you propose him to link to your website instead.

How Do I Get Edu Links from Forums?

Edu links from forums are hard to get. When you want to post in a forum, then you sign up for an account of that forum. The only requirement is that you need an Email address. The process is similar with edu forums. The only difference is that you need an Email address of the educational website that hosts the forum.

Let’s say, you found a forum of a university. The university only provides its students, professors, and employees with Email accounts. If you are not a student, professor, or employee of that university, then it is impossible for you to get such an Email account. Thus, you cannot post on that forum.

But how do I get links from edu forums?

Contact users of the forum. The problem is that users of forums do not want to link to your website. You must offer them something. Since the users probably do not have their own website, you neither can offer a guest post nor a link exchange. You need to offer promotions or pay for the link.



Top-level domain
Top-level domain

TLD stands for top-level domain. The TLD is the part of an URL that is behind the dot. Every country has its TLD. There is a TLD for France, Germany, Spain, and so on. Here is a short list of country TLDs:

Country TLD
Germany .de
France .fr
Spain .es
United Kingdom .uk

The TLD .com stands for commercial. The TLD is intended to be used by commercial organizations. Nowadays the .com TLD is used for websites that are located in the United States of America.


SERP stand for Search Engine Result Page. A SERP is the page that you see, when you search for something in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

How Do I Get Edu Links?
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