How to get .edu links

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How to get .edu links

When it comes to linkbuilding I normally get anoyed pretty fast. Linkbuilding is one oft he most difficult practices of SEO. It is all about finding good websites and of course convincing the webmasterst to link to your website. This is very frustrating because webmasters don´t linke to your website just like that. You have tob e more creative.

In this article you will learn how to get the most valuable type of links, .edu links. Edu Links means that the link comes from a website with an .edu TLD. Those websites usually are universities, schools or educational organizations. Search engines measure them with a high level of trust so links from .edu sites are very valuable. The thing ist hat getting an .edu link is even more complicated than getting a normal link.

How to get .edu links

There are so many websites out there with articles on how to get .edu links andthey all come up with tactics like the following ones:

  • Teach at a univerity
  • Be a student at a university an use your universities blog
  • Interview a professor
  • Offer some kind of service tot he university
  • Provide a scholarship

Tob e honest I don´t think those recommendations are real tactics because when you can not provide a scholarship or a service to the university, than you propably can`t change that. The same with beeing a student or teach at the university. You propably might interview a professor but tha would be a really huge effort for a link. But what can you do instead?

Google Search Opperators

Well there are still some classic linkbuiding tactics. The easiest one is search the internet for .edu websites that may propably link to you. Therefore you can use Google search opperators:

  • „keyword“

This search opperator will show you all the .edu sites refering to your specific keyword. The outcome will most likely be a list of university homepages. The next step would be to search on the homepage for potential subpages that could link to you. This might be a search for ever. To make this more easy you can customize the search opperator.

  • „keyword“ „blog“
  • „keyword“ „forum“
  • „keyword“ „students blog“

Now the outcome will be more specific. It is more likely to find potential linkpartners on university blogs because often the bloggers are students. And it is more likely that students will link you on their blog than a university itself. The next step ist o contact the bloggers and convice them somehow to link to your site. Most likely they will want something from youin change for a link.

Broken Link Building

Another tactict to get .edu links is broken link building. This means you find a broken link on an .edu site and contact the webmaster. By contacting the webmaster you will tell him about the broken link and provide him with your link that he could place there. A good way to find broken links that may fit your site is to search for links to competitors sites. You can use search opperators again:

  • „competitor“

When you have a list of .edu pages that link to your competitors, you have to find those links that are broken, which means the links point to 404 pages. Then you contact the webmaster.

How to get .edu links
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