What colors should I use in my Blog?

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Colors you should use in your blog

The colors you choose for your blog or your website or any project you put online should not be chosen by your personal preferences. They have to fit the preferences of your audience. This means before you start designing a website you have to think about your target group. If your visitors don’t like the design, and also the colors, of the website, the possibility they might quickly leave your website is pretty high. In a former article I already pointed out how this might affect your Google Rankings, take a look at this Infographic to remember the potential consequences of a high bounce rate.

To avoid a high bounce rate I will now give you 5 simple rules you should obey when thinking about the design of a website or a blog:

  1. Use only 3 colors at most
  2. It is more than enough to have one color for the text, one for the background and one for buttons, headlines and symbols. More than 3 colors may confuse your visitors.

  3. Pick an easy-to-read text color
  4. Referring to the fact that we are scanning the content on websites, it is more than important that your visitors can read your texts easily. Therefor the background color and the text color have to be balanced.

  5. Don’t use flashy colors
  6. Flashy colors are often some kind of uncomfortable for the human eye, especially when reading.

  7. The color should effect a positive attitude
  8. Only when the chosen colors effect a positive attitude visitors might stay on your website.

  9. The colors should fit together
  10. When colors don´t fit together, a website often makes an unprofessional impression. You can use this color tester to test the combination of colors.

After I explained you the basic rules when it comes to colors, I will now give you an overview about the most important colors for webdesign:


White is the perfect background color. People associate dispassion, order, value, clarity, innocence and honesty with it. A white background can increase the impact of your content.


Black can mean elegance but also sorrow.


Red means passion, discomposure, impulsivity, anger but also sexuality. This color has a strong impact. You can use it to distinguish important facts.


Green is the color of nature and a symbol of vitality, healthiness and hope. The impact is calming but also some kind of fresh.


Blue is a very popular color to express positive characteristics. It impacts sympathy, harmony, kindness and friendship. It is the color of the sky and therefore means infinity.

As you can see, the choice of the right colors can be very complex. Of course there are many more colors that should be discussed in this article, but for now you got a first impression on what you have to consider when you start to design a new website of blog.

What colors should I use in my Blog?
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