property set search console

Since May 23rd it is possible to combine multiple properties into a single group in Google Search Console. This is great for everyone who runs several properties for one website. This can be the case when you have a property for the desktop version, the mobile version and the mobile app. Until May 23rd webmasters had to track all those statistics separately. In case you are completely new to Google Search Console I recommend you to read this article about setting up a Search Console…Continue Reading “Create a property set in Google Search Console”

Internal Links in WordPress

Internal links are very important for your WordPress site. A good navigation enables your visitors to click through the parts of your website without having to think about it. An intuitive linking structure is important to offer your visitors the best user experience. Nobody wants a website that is so complex nobody understands how to get from A to B. The only consequence of that will be a high Bounce Rate. And in addition a high Bounce Rate may downgrade the rating of your website….Continue Reading “Internal Links in WordPress”

Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Add Google Analytics to WordPress Find out how to add Google Analytics to WordPress. Google Analytics is a rich website analytics tool by Google. The tool provides you with detailed information about the traffic on your website. Plus, Google Analytics is free. In the article I show you this: How do I get the Analytics tracking code? How do I upload the Analytics tracking code on my site? How Do I Get the Analytics Tracking Code? Get the Google Analytics tracking code this way: Open…Continue Reading “Add Google Analytics to WordPress”

How to implement Dynamic Web Serving

Dynamic Serving vs Responsive Design is a question that many webmasters and programmers have to face. To be honest there is no all in one solution to find out the right method, whether it is Dynamic Serving or Responsive Design. But of course there are some advantages and disadvantages of both methods which will help you making the right decision. This blog post will help you to distinguish if rather Dynamic Serving or Responsive Design fits the needs of your individual project. This article is…Continue Reading “Dynamic Serving vs Responsive Design”

Import Data from Google Analytics to Google Spreadsheets

Google provides a very easy way to automatically import data from your Google Analytics reports to Google Spreadsheets. Once created the import you can schedule to requests, so there is no more work after that. The good thing about having Analytics data in Google Spreadsheets is that you can process the data in exactly the way you need them. This helps you especially when you have a huge amount of visits per day or in general a huge amount of data e.g. when you track…Continue Reading “How to import Google Analytics Data to Google Spreadsheets”