Mobile First Index

Google is already testing is Mobile First index. That´s what Johannes MĂĽller told in the Google Office Hours from the 3rd October 2017. This might mean that the roll out of the Mobile First index is getting nearer. But what does this exactly mean for SEOs? How can we prepare for the new index to prevent traffic loss? In this article I will explain you, what is important for SEOs to prevent traffic loss when Google rolls out is Mobile First index. What do I…Continue Reading “Mobile First – What´s important for SEO?”

Browser Caching for WordPress

With Browser Caching you can store files of your website on local computers. Once a client visits your website files like CSS, Images, scripts and HTML files will be stored in the cache of his webbrowser. The next time he visitis your website, his browser does not have to download the stored files a second time. In result your website loads faster. How does Browser Caching work? Websites consist of many files. There are CSS-Stylesheets, HTML-files, JavaScript-files and images. Theese files usually do not change…Continue Reading “Browser Caching for WordPress”

How to get .edu links

When it comes to linkbuilding I normally get anoyed pretty fast. Linkbuilding is one oft he most difficult practices of SEO. It is all about finding good websites and of course convincing the webmasterst to link to your website. This is very frustrating because webmasters don´t linke to your website just like that. You have tob e more creative. In this article you will learn how to get the most valuable type of links, .edu links. Edu Links means that the link comes from a…Continue Reading “How to get .edu links”

Fast WordPress Themes

A fast WordPress Theme is so important for you website. Since PageSpeed is a ranking factor for all the mayor Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoos and so on there is no doubt you must have a fast loading website. Otherwise Google and co. will rank your WordPress website worse and people who visit your website are more willingly to bounce early. A fast WordPress Theme therefore is the first and probably one of the most important steps to improve PageSpeed on your website. In…Continue Reading “Fastest WordPress Themes that will upgrade your PageSpeed”

Images and graphics are an important part of every website. They help you to explain things in easy ways. But they are also very huge, at least in most cases, so it takes a lot of time for the client (the browser of the visitor of your website) to download them. This means that it takes longer until your visitors can see your website. The longer it takes to load your website, the less people will wait for it until it got fully loaded. Of…Continue Reading “Image Optimization – optimizing pagespeed”