Themeforest WordPress Theme

Themeforest belongs to the australien company Envato. It provides you with loads of HTML templates and especially WordPress themes and plugins. To say it in short words, themeforest is a marketplace where you can buy WordPress themes and plugins, and to be honest themeforest WordPress themes are great. Well actually you can also sell WordPress themes and plugins on themeforest. But in this article I assume you are more interested in buying themes and plugins than offering them. To get a first impression of themeforest…Continue Reading “Themeforest WordPress”

AdSense in WordPress Posts

Before I will explain you how to add AdSense to WordPress please take in mind that the officila AdSense WordPress Plugin gets shut down soon! AdSense WordPress Plugin gets shut down in May 2017 The official AdSense Plugin for WordPress gets shut down in May 2017. Therefore you can no longer use the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress to put AdSense ads into your WordPress Blog! AdSense itself recommends the following procedure: make a backup of your WordPress website deactivate the Plugin put AdSense code Spinetts…Continue Reading “How to add AdSense to WordPress”

How to develop HTML5 Applications

This book review is about Zachary Kessin’s book Programming HTML5 Applications. With its 128 pages this book is kind of small but to be honest, it gives you a very good introduction to the world of “Building Powerful Cross-Platform Environments in JavaScript”. In JavaScript? Yes that’s right, building a HTML5 Application does not mean that you will only use HTML to code the application. Actually it means that you will be using a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Ok, but now let’s get back…Continue Reading “Programming HTML5 Applications: Book Review”

Responsive Design for WordPress

The Responsive Web by Matthew Carver is about the technique of designing websites that scale for various browsers – Responsive Web Design or just Responsive Design. Matthew Carver explains everything about this topic from the very beginning. This makes it very easy to get in touch with the topic even for readers who have never heard about it before. Furthermore he put many graphics in the content. Almost everything is visualized so it is even easier to get the points. There are also many code…Continue Reading “The Responsive Web: Book Review”

How to becom an Amazon Affliate

This blog post How to become an Amazon Affiliate provides you perfectly to become an Amazon Affiliate. Become your own boss, work whenever you want and where you want. No need to go to an office anymore, just work from you living room or any place you prefer. As Amazon Affiliate you are free to work as much as you want to. Amazon Associates is the affiliate program of Amazon. This means that Amazon will pay you provision for advertising their products. Actually it is…Continue Reading “Amazon Associates: How to become an Amazon Affiliate”