How Do I Automate Image Titles in WordPress?

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WordPress creates the titles of images automatically. But how does WordPress create image titles? WordPress create titles based on the names of images. This does not always lead to good image titles. Let me show you an example:

You can see that the name of the image is the same as the title that WordPress generated. And the title is awful.

In this article you learn how you may make better titles for images with the plugin Format Media Titles. Therefore, I explain you this:

How Do I Write Better Titles?

To write better titles than WordPress, you may change the title of every image manually. But changing every image manually may be very time consuming. Therefore, I recommend you using the plugin Format Media Titles.

Why Do I Need Format Media Titles?

Format Media Titles helps you to write image titles in a better way than WordPress does. Let me give you an example:

automatic image title creating in WordPress
How to create image titles in WordPress

Let´s say you named an image like this:


WordPress creates this title by default:


In my opinion, underscores do not belong in any image title. So, what can you do to remove underscores? There are three ways to remove underscores:

  1. Do not write underscores in the name of the image.
  2. Remove the underscores manually.
  3. Use the plugin Format Media Titles.

The easiest way is to not write underscores in image names. But what, if you do not have the authority to change image names? Then you may remove the underscores manually on each title. But, removing every underscore manually is not a very smart solution.

A better solution is to use the plugin Format Media Titles.

WordPress plugin Format Media Titles
WordPress plugin Format Media Titles

With Format Media Titles you may create rules for image titles. Thus, to remove underscores from image titles, click the box Underscore that is in the menu of the plugin. With this rule every underscore gets removed from image titles.

What Does Format Media Titles Do?

Format Media Titles is very rich. Here are the options that you may choose:

  • Remove:
  • Capitalize:
    • All Words.
    • First word only.
    • Lower case all words.
    • Upper case all words.
    • Do not alter.
  • Miscellaneous Options:
    • Add title to Alternative Text field.
    • Add title to Caption field.
    • Add title to Description filed.
How Do I Automate Image Titles in WordPress?
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