9 Reasons why I use Pro-Themes in WordPress

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Why I use WordPress Pro-Themes

When you go to the WordPress Themes page the first thing you see is loads of free themes. Many of them are really good and work perfectly well for many web projects. So you might ask yourself

Why should I even pay for a Theme when there are so many good ones for free?

That is exactly the same what I thought, when someone told that he only uses Pro-Themes for his projects. But let me tell you 9 good reasons why a Pro-Theme might be useful for you:

  1. Pro-Themes are elaborately tested under various circumstances like different browsers and their version. Moreover they get constantly enhanced and refined so they always work best with the latest WordPress version.
  2. It is much easier to adapt those themes individually. Normally the admin area is way easier and better structured. This allows me to make adjustments up to 10 times faster.
  3. The use of Widgets enable changes in the view of websites in only a few seconds. In many cases this includes stuff like Sidebars, colors and menus.
  4. Some theme providers offer packages that allow you to use all their themes and templates (even the future ones). This might be a profitable solution when you run more than one website.
  5. Most of the theme provides offer free and unlimited support. This is a great benefit if you are not familiar with coding, webservers or databases.
  6. There are no unwanted or hidden links in the source code of Pro-Themes. In case you are not familiar with coding, the search and replacement of any kind of unwanted elements can be very time-consuming. Furthermore you can be sure that there is no harmful code in Pro-Themes.
  7. The spread of Pro-Themes is much smaller than the spread of free themes. This means by the use of a Pro-Theme, your WordPress website will definitely look more individual, because less people use the same theme than you do.
  8. The source code is generally very good optimized. This means it is efficient, light and fast.
  9. The design of Pro-Themes is developed by professional designers. They definitely look better than free WordPress themes.

There is one more thing you have to know. Pro-Themes are not even that expensive. Good Pro-Themes are already offered for 20€.

9 Reasons why I use Pro-Themes in WordPress
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