8 Reasons Why I Use Premium Themes for WordPress

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Why I use WordPress Pro-Themes

Premium themes are a great alternative to the huge amount of free WordPress themes. But I always ask myself one question. When there are so many free themes, then why would I spend money in a premium theme? The answer is easy:

Premium themes are better than free themes. In this article you find out why.

Why Do I Use Premium Themes for WordPress?

Here are 8 reasons why I use premium themes for my WordPress sites:

  1. Developers of premium themes test their themes under many circumstances. Developers test the view of themes in different web browsers, the pagespeed, and the mobile friendliness. Moreover, premium themes get enhanced and refined constantly. Thus, premium themes work best with the latest WordPress version.
  2. I can easily adapt premium themes individually. The admin section is better structured. So, I can adapt premium themes up to 10 times faster than free themes.
  3. Many premium theme providers offer packages that allow me to use all of their Since I run more than one website, such packages are a great solution for me.
  4. Most of the theme provides offer free and unlimited support.
  5. There are no unwanted or hidden links in the source code of premium themes. I am not very familiar with coding. So, the search and replacement of unwanted code is very time consuming.
  6. The spread of premium themes is smaller than the spread of free themes. When I use a premium theme, then my WordPress site looks more individual.
  7. The source code of premium themes is very well optimized for SEO. Thus, premium themes are efficient, light, and fast.
  8. The design of premium themes is developed by professional designers. So, premium themes look better than free themes.

There is one more thing you must know about premium themes. Premium themes are not even that expensive. You may get a premium theme for already 20 $.



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8 Reasons Why I Use Premium Themes for WordPress
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